Course Descriptions

Cupcakes Creative Movement,/Pre-Ballet and Tap
Ages 2-6
Dance Play Class emphasizing coordination in movement games, use of props, and just plain joy of movement.
Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes
Princess (Princes) Ballet and Tap
Ages 4-7
Course emphasizes stretching and gross motor exercises to increase child flexibility through basic ballet and tap technique. Children learn positions of the feet and arms and early steps to get a great dance start and have fun at the same time.
Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes

Junior Ballet & Tap
Ages 7-11
Dance technique and foundation are developed through exercises and dance combinations. Students are taught how to dance as well as dances.
Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes
Preteen Dance Company
Ages 10-13
Class is designed for more complex training in the positions, movements, and body carriages of dance. Ballet and Tap dance phrases, combinations, and complete dances to various musical styles are emphasized.
Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes, (pointe shoes for older, experienced students only)

Teen Ballet & Tap
Ages 13-18
Course is designed as a challenging, faster-paced class. It's goal is to expand movement vocabulary, strengthen, stretch, and align the body and improve memory and performance skills. Class is designed to develop and artistic awareness to benefit the student in life.
Ballet Slippers, Tap Shoes, Pointe Shoes

Beginning/Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop
Ages 5-9
Jazz dance is a great way to limber up and get moving. It is a dynamic and eclectic dance form borrowing from primitive African and folk dance, musical theater, and today's popular form hip hop. Class includes technique, jazz, and movement combinations.
Jazz, Ballet or Gymnastic Shoes
Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Hip Hop
Ages 8-13
Class consists of jazz training including isolations, steps, and styles. Emphasis is on moving in a free flowing, more defined, and controlled way. Music ranges from percussion to jazz, funk, rock-n-roll and hip hop.
Jazz, Ballet or Gymnastics Shoes
Preteen/Teen Jazz/Hip Hop
Ages 11-18
Multi rhythmic dance variations, footwork, and styles are taught in this course - A high energy jazz/hip hop class which is constantly moving. Old and new combinations/dances are offered as well as a little lryical/contemporary work.
Jazz, Ballet or Gymnastics Shoes

Beginning Tumbling
Ages 5-10

Rolls, headstands, limbers, cartwheels, flips, splits, etc.
Put them together and you've got a great start to acrobatic training.
Gymnastics, Jazz or Ballet Shoes.
Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling
Ages 7-18

(AKA Auburn Area Acrobats, Frankenmuth Fabulous Flippers, Marlette Mighty Minnies, Sandusky Super Stars)
Limbers, walkovers, front and back handsprings are added to the basics. Sequences of tumbles, aerials, somersaults, and tricky tricks are introduced at this level.
Gymnastics, Jazz, or Ballet Shoes
Scheduled Hawaiian, Bavarian, and sometimes other types of dancing are offered to students ages 6-18 as Specialties during the year.

Given ages are approximate. If you are uncertain at which level to enroll, please ask.

Class Dancewear - Any kind, any color.
Classes Taught By Linda Oehrlein
EDM Harvard University
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